Duck Duck Goose is a collection of uniquely generated 40x40 pixel art assets. Only 10,000 Duck Duck Goose will exist, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. Follow the Duck Duck Goose and be rich today!

Each Duck Duck Goose is unique and generated from over 135 possible traits, including backgrounds, bodies, eyewear, mouth, outfits, hands, and necklaces.


You were born in a world full of ducks
You were an innocent and kind child
You studied at the school and grew up
Then you stepped into this society

But you gradually noticed that you are a little different from others
Your neck was a little too long
Your pace was a little too slow
Your voice was too loud
Your words were too straightforward
You found out that you seem to be a Goose
They started to reject you

So you tried to fit in
You dyed your white feathers brown and your hair green
You were on a diet, trying to get your body shape similar to theirs
You tried to pick up your pace and keep up with the rhythm of this society
You started to present euphemistically
You finally became part of them
All the ducks around you like you
Now your identify as a duck
You turned into a duck

With my best wishes to all of you
Lay back and take off your camouflage
Face your true self
There's nothing wrong with being yourself
Chill Man! Keep it real
This NFT represents our desire to stay true to ourselves

10%Thanks! We will film ourselves chasing the geese in our area, don't worry no geese will be harmed. Don't forget to keep minting the DDG!
50%Build the duck duck goose gallery. Just want to say thank you to all of you because I can finally pay off my student loan.
25%Amazing! Our next plan is to have a relaxed picnic with a flock of geese. 🦆😋
100%Wow! We will make a song about DDG. I appreciate you all for being the true believers of DDG. I believe our DDG is the next crypto punk! Because who doesn't like ducks?

What is the total supply?
A total of 10000 unique Duck Duck Goose NFTs will be created.

How many attributes are there?
There are a total of 7 types of attributes and a total of 135 attributes. There will always be a unique Duck Duck Goose for you.

When is the launch?
We will launch on November 15, 7PM EST.

How much does one Duck Duck Goose cost?
DuckDuckGoose will be initially priced at 0.01 Eth + Gas fees.

Do we have any other official socials?
Twitter @DDGNFT is the only official social contacts.
Any other social network accounts are unofficial.

Have more questions? @DDGNFT to find out more.


2021 Copyrights © Duck Duck Goose. All rights reserverd.